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Artificial Batting Cage Turf

SYNLawn provides long-lasting, tough artificial sports turf for batting cages, bullpens, dugouts & more throughout Texas.

SYNLawn Texas provides cutting-edge artificial batting cage turf specially built for rigorous training on sports fields of all sizes. Coaches will love how resilient our artificial sports grass is and athletes love the way it responds to high-impact activities day in and day out. Our athletic turf performs like the real thing – without the mud and the divots.

Artificial sports turf has come a long way since the invention of AstroTurf®. Today’s options come with shock absorbent sports padding systems to protect athletes from high-impact activity such as running, sliding or jumping. Energy absorbing bases like those found with SYNLawn’s batting cage turf products help athletes experience less muscular fatigue and even fewer common injuries. Our athletic turf has been installed at sports facilities throughout Texas, including batting cage areas and bullpens. Only SYNLawn Texas offers the resiliency your players need to stay healthy and prevent injury, even after repetitive motions.

Our artificial sports grass is easy to maintain so athletes can enjoy clean, hygienic practice surfaces. For best results, simply rinse with a water hose for outdoor applications or vacuum for indoor applications. A simple mixture of detergent and water can clean tougher strains. Gentle household cleaning mixtures also help improve the hypoallergenic properties and reduce mold and staph bacteria growth.

SYNLawn Texas uses a unique, no-infill application which allows players to pivot and switch positions quickly without tripping or damaging the turf. It performs the same in both indoor and outdoor applications. Our low-pile agility turf fibers are made with a blend of nylon and polyethylene. They are woven to stay upright for a natural look everyone can appreciate. If you notice the grass fibers need to be refreshed at any time, simply use a stiff rubber broom to fluff the fibers up.

With so many benefits, our team is a great resource to install artificial sports turf at all types of commercial facilities including schools, recreation centers, and city/state parks. Contact a SYNLawn Texas representative for more information about our sports fields and batting cage turf solutions. Don’t forget to ask about our custom colors for team branding!

SYNLawn Case Study: Agility Training to Reduce Injuries

Our Products


SKU: SPEED | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years

SpeedTurf by SYNLawn is ideal for strength and agility training. Easy to clean and non-abrasive make this a perfect surface for sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, gym floors, weightlifting areas, indoor and outdoor batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, and aerobics.


SKU: TRACK | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years

TrackTurf by SYNLawn is the ideal synthetic surface for athletes in training for track and field, agility and cross training. Built to withstand vigorous workouts and absorb repeated impacts this artificial turf surface helps prevent unnecessary stress on joints and may help reduce common athletic injuries.


Made from the highest quality synthetic materials in the business. With so many options, we are sure to have the perfect synthetic grass for nearly every application at a price that’s right for you!