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Speed Turf and Track Turf for Training Centers

SYNLawn®, the leader in artificial turf and sister company of AstroTurf, is proud to offer the newest in athletic turf – SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ by SYNLawn®. These revolutionary athletic and agility turf products is now a feature in many gyms and training facilities across the country including: Boston University, Harvard University, Parisi Speed Schools and the Houston Rockets training facility just to name a few.

SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ are non-infilled products engineered from a polyethylene and nylon blend, and reinforced with a foam base layer creating the perfect surface for agility and cross-training. This unique surface also offers protection against jolts and injuries which tend to be common with standard athletic flooring. In addition to protection against injury, SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ provide a perfect surface for stretching, warm-ups, cross fitness and floor exercises.

No matter the type of fitness training, SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ allow athletes to maximize their workouts and training.  SYNLawn® has created the perfect product for sled pulls, speed training, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, weight lifting areas and cardio-fitness areas.  SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ continues to be the first choice of professional and recreational facilities due to the high quality of the products, and ease of clean which dramatically reduces the risk of staph infections and mold.

SYNLawn Case Study: Agility Training to Reduce Injuries

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SKU: SPEED | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years

SpeedTurf by SYNLawn is ideal for strength and agility training. Easy to clean and non-abrasive make this a perfect surface for sled pulls, indoor shot-put/hammer training, cross-training, gym floors, weightlifting areas, indoor and outdoor batting cages, soccer fields, tennis courts, and aerobics.


SKU: TRACK | Total Weight: 116 oz. | Warranty: 9 years

TrackTurf by SYNLawn is the ideal synthetic surface for athletes in training for track and field, agility and cross training. Built to withstand vigorous workouts and absorb repeated impacts this artificial turf surface helps prevent unnecessary stress on joints and may help reduce common athletic injuries.


Made from the highest quality synthetic materials in the business. With so many options, we are sure to have the perfect synthetic grass for nearly every application at a price that’s right for you!